The next step is to make a checklist of the whole moving process so as to make it clutter free. For this, you need to first gain knowledge of the whole plan and procedure by the professional who is going to manage your relocation process. Understand everything that he has to tell you and make necessary amendments if necessary. Take a tour of your place to check how much furniture is required in the new place and discard the extras. This will help you save money on the transportation of unnecessary stuff. Make a deal with your professional about the end of tenancy services if they offer any, and then sort out the things and label them according to their value, quality and fragility to avoid any mishandling and losses. 

Some tips and tricks to facilitate your relocation process

  • You can facilitate your moving and storage process by informing the professionals involved about your fragile and expensive items so that they handle them carefully throughout the transit.
  • You should also make full use of the moving blankets, bubble wraps and other moving accessories to safeguard your furniture and things against scratches, marks or any other physical damage.
  • And finally, you should know that there are two kinds of boxes which are used for storage and moving. The single-walled boxes are used for simple and light things, whereas the double-walled boxes are used for the heavy furniture and appliances. So, make sure your professionals are using the right boxes for the right things.